John Capouya

I was just minding my own business—which, generally speaking, is nonfiction writing and teaching at the University of Tampa. But after I accompanied my wife, Suzanne Williamson, on her photo trips for a while, I got sucked in, too: I became fascinated with the Native American heritage sites commonly called Indian mounds. I wondered about the peoples who built them and the mounds’ cultural and historical meanings.

Past Lives: I’d been a journalist for 20 years, working as an editor at Newsweek and The New York Times. So I began doing some reporting on Florida’s mounds when Suzanne and I moved here in 2008. Now I’m writing about it all in a decidedly non-journalistic way, through creative nonfiction that expresses what I’ve seen and felt on this exploratory journey. That writing’s part of our collaborative art exhibition at the Morean Arts Center this October. (See Show Page)

Teaching/Books: Oh, yeah, my other work: I teach journalism courses at UT, as well as biography and memoir writing. And I’m part of a new MFA program in creative writing. Speaking of UT: I’m grateful for the University’s support of the Florida Mounds Project.

I’ve written two nonfiction books; the latest one, Gorgeous George, a bio of the flamboyant 1940s/50s wrestler, is being adapted into a documentary and a feature film. (See

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